Many hands make light work

The heart of God for the Philippines is to take her from being a Third World Country to a Developing & Developed country. No one person can make this happen alone. It takes a team of dedicated people who are willing to give of themselves & their resources for this great cause.


"The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results." (James 5:16) Personal prayer & corporate prayer are an important part of bringing God's glory to the earth. Join us in agreement in intercession in your prayer closet as well as our monthly meetings in Manilla & Tacloban. Please e-mail us if you are interested in joining us for one of these prayer meetings.

Monthly Pre-Prayer Rallies
Prayer for the mission trip
Prayer for the Philippines
Servant of the Heart Team

Events of this magnitude require a lot of behind the scenes preparation. E-mail us ( if you are interested in serving in this way.

Donate / Sponsor
Charitable Contributions given will go toward the following:
1. The city of Tacloban and whatever Mayor Alfred & Councilwoman Cristina put out as expense for these events, should they want compensation.
2. To help small businesses or people of God that want to start businesses, that way revenue can be created for the family, city & eventually the Philippines.
3. Housing/rehab/orphanages/senior residences, etc. & anything or everything that will promote wellness & godliness throughout the Philippines
4. To start a program to help families with problems & struggles.
5. Help start churches or help existing churches of God who are struggling spiritually & financially.
6. To help create TV programs/films/theatrical productions that are godly & wholesome.
7. To help the education system go to next level of excellence.